Hello and welcome to my blog!

Hi, everyone!
Welcome to my blog! How would I describe myself? Well, a city girl blogging about life, books, beauty, and craft! I love writing so in August 2016, I finally decided to start a blog. I am now in love with blogging because it gives me the chance to talk about what I want and also (hopefully!) interest others too! I try my best to post every Saturday/Sunday. Also, If you have anything you would like to say/suggest to me, feel free to write it in the comments and I will try to write a reply as soon as I can!If you want to keep up with all my latest posts, Be sure to follow me on Instagram @sweetpeablogs_Β And, if you’d like to stick around then please follow me to be notified in your email whenever I post!Β Another way to contact me is via email sweetpeablogs16@gmail.com!I hope you enjoy reading!
Sweet Pea xΒ πŸ˜„